Since 2011, we have paired over 400 tenants across 20,000m2 of floorspace.


These tenants have ranged from shop-keepers to furniture makers, sculptors to costumer designers, and writers to lawyers. Brand-new businesses to long-term operators. And our filled spaces have included an ex-department store, an old brewery warehouse, a forgotten turn-of-the-century ballroom, and an empty police barracks.

We're passionate about our cities and how we can best utilise them to provide vibrancy and opportunity for all; tenants and owners alike.

We belong to both worlds. We understand property, and we understand communities. Our role is to sit in this middle ground and facilitate favourable conditions for all parties.

We work with developers, building owners, asset managers, and governments to create flexible, affordable, and connected communities of enterprise.

Spacemarket is doing some of the most important work across Perth. It’s now hard to imagine Fremantle without a Spacemarket project.
— Dr Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle

What We've Achieved

  • 8 key projects delivered
  • 4 completed space-activation projects
  • 4 current space-activation projects
  • MANY 6160 was Australia's (possibly the world's?) largest indoor temporary space-activation project 
  • MANY 6160 ran for 3.5 years and delivered $2.2million dollars of direct economic benefit into the local precinct
  • MANY 61610 successfully 'graduated' over 20 businesses out of itself and into Fremantle and greater Perth
  • Moana Chambers was an awarded exemplar for first-floor city activation
  • Professor David Dolan State Heritage Award 

     Generally, Spacemarket projects allow for;

  • Job creation through project opportunity
  • Improved business and community confidence in project areas
  • Improved precinct security through activated streetscapes
  • Reduced ongoing building maintenance costs
  • Creation of affordable space
  • Customer sharing between businesses and increased business exposure
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities
  • The ability to experiment and de-risk fledgling business due to flexible terms