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The weekend’s election sure was a big wet palm frond to the face for anyone hoping for a greener future in Australia. But you know what? We have our own back gardens, our own streets, and our own green spaces - which are a far cry from the goings-on in Canberra, and are well within our charge. There’s a lot on offer via local councils - you just need to do a little bit of (non-garden) digging to find what’s happening and what’s available to help you green up your space.

For example, this inspired us this week; adding to their recently approved plans to develop a massive ‘Skyfarm’ in a former city carpark, the City of Melbourne has now announced almost $20mill towards their Green Our City Strategic Action Plan, with an ambitious commitment to plant at least 3,400 trees in the next year and to help council care for more than 80,000 trees. The progressive council (which will also soon be entirely wind-powered) will also upgrade current public green spaces, plus commission vertical gardens and sustainable green-roof projects throughout the city. Bravo Melbourne.

Back here in Freo (and in most Perth councils), the City has a whole heap of measures on hand for greening and tending to your own plots, and if you’ve got time this weekend maybe you’d like to jump on board with some of these grass-roots initiatives:

+ For the month of May, Fremantle residents can download this voucher which allows them to purchase up to 40 native plants for $1.50 each from APACE nursery in North Freo. Schools and commercial properties can apply for more at their discretion. This is a great, affordable opportunity to glam up your yard or verge while creating sanctuary for the surrounding bird and bee populations.

+ Each year between April and July the City of Freo allows residents to apply to have a tree planted on their verge (for free!). Following an inspection, the council will discuss what options might be most suitable for your plot. More info on that here.

+ The twice-annual local green waste collection picks up 321-tonnes of greenery to be turned into delicious free mulch for your garden! Drop past the Fremantle Recycling Centre with proof of residency to fill up on as much as you need.

Lastly, why don’t you get your neighbours together, your school, or a group of friends and apply to start your own local community garden! Pieces of council land are awarded to successful applicants and grants of up to $20,000 are offered in support. Learn to grow your own food, eat that food, and get your hands dirty with your friends and family.

This is just a focus on Fremantle (as they’re our local council) but do check what flora-loving initiatives your own council is offering, and let’s get as many of our green thumbs up as possible. Saving the environment might not fatten bank accounts, yield dividends or come back to you as tax-free credits, but it will contribute to a beautiful, breathable planet for all of us who live here.

See you in the garden,

SM x

City of Melbourne’s green vision for itself. Woah guys—you weren’t kidding!


Firstly, put it in your diary! 10 Nights in Port — Fremantle Festival, 12—21 July

Set over 10 evenings in July, come and bring heat to frosty nights as Fremantle presents a local and international program of board-treading, foot-stomping, eye-popping entertainment for the whole of Perth to enjoy. There’ll even be hot, fire-lit baths to go soak in care of Freo artist Jesse Lee! Gah, can't wait.


Zine Workshop & Artist Talk - Natsumi de Dianous & Kate Webb, Tonight!! Wed 22 May, 6-8pm

“Join exhibiting artists Natsumi de Dianous and Kate Webb for a Wednesday evening zine making workshop and artist talk. The workshop will explore the potential of zines and ways of assembling them. Taking inspiration from the exhibition 'what can become of it', this workshop will enable participants to push material and imaginative limits and examine the idiosyncrasies inherent to the DIY nature of zine-making. Free, no booking required.”

Cool Change Contemporary, 1F, Bon Marche Arcade, 74-84 Barrack Street, Perth


PICA After Dark, Thu 23 May, 5-8pm

With a drink in hand, the galleries open late, a 6pm Hatched exhibition tour and dance performances at both 5:30pm and 7:30pm, it definitely pays to add a lil PICA time to your Thursday evenings in May. Dinner in Northbridge afterwards? Yes pls.

Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Perth

“Soak is an outdoor elemental experience bringing the steamy comforts of a hot bath in the cold depths of winter out into the open. The brave are invited to submerge, unwind and watch the world go by in the midst of Fremantle’s magnificent beach, park or riverfront spaces”


We’ll use this section to share some tidbits we’ve come across the last week from you, our tenants, and the www.

A news source that won’t leave you staring into the darkness at 2am? Good Good Good Co. “leaves you feeling less overwhelmed, and more capable of being a part of the good in the world.” Plus they’ll send you five good news stories to your inbox every Tuesday.

Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment

A vision of 2040: everything we need for a sustainable world already exists

We love the attention Brodie Green from Seadog cafe on the Goldie got from his free-coffee-for-women response to the Medieval abortion laws that passed in America last week.

“It’s shitty to feel helpless and regardless of which government is in power, there are still things we can do for positive impact. I made a list to make myself feel better and I’m going keep it around to remind myself of the power I still have. Feel free to use it too” via the exceptional human that is Beci Orpin


Heathcote, Applecross
We have just one space left at Heathcote precinct. It’s a 60m2 space and perfect for a small-medium size creative business. Would suit a production company, architecture bizz, fashion studio etc.

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