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13 Mar 2019,

This last week has been one of big conversations about tiny homes. Mainly due to the exciting ‘Freo Alternative’ planning scheme signed off in state government last month.

Initiated in 2014 by the Australian Urban Design Research Centre, and collaborated on with local architects, the brief was to come up with an intelligent way to densify Fremantle without losing the characteristics or lifestyle that make the area and surrounds so pleasing to live in.

Five years later, following a huge community consultation process, some big ideas and a lot of push from local government, it’s finally come through. For people living in White Gum Valley, Hilton, O'Connor, Beaconsfield and Fremantle, there will now be options to build tiny homes on suitable property spaces. This positive development should encourage a diversity of housing to reflect the suburbs themselves, made up not just of traditional houses and townhouses, but dwellings that will also be suitable for the elderly, students, singles, and small families.

“At the heart of the Freo Alternative is housing that is smaller, more sustainable and surrounded by open, green space. You could say this is housing that better meets the needs of residents in the 21st century.” says Mayor, Brad Pettit.

These kind of wins are really exciting for us to see as it creates more opportunity in a tough housing market.

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Swampscapes — Fri 15 Mar, 6pm

Swampscapes is an exhibition presenting a reorientation to Perth’s richly diverse and critically important rivers, streams and wetlands—both current and historical—many of which are sacred in the stories and culture of the Whadjuk Nyungar people. Swampscapes is a collaboration between Daniel Jan Martin, Nandi Chinna and Mei Swan Lim (of Swamp Clubb), working across their respective fields of cartography, poetry and soundscape.

Paper Mountain, Upstairs at 267 William St, Northbridge

Show runs until Fri 29 Mar, Tue to Fri 10-4, Sat & Sun 11-4


PSAS OPENING — Fri 15 Mar, 6:30pm



Jennifer Sulaj’s Lost Memory is a sculptural exploration which comments on her experience as an art therapist working with people living with dementia.

In Guy Vinciguerra’s photographic works, Sacred Places, he explores the idea of the sacred things we glimpse in passing, things that are imbued with emotional importance to some, but nothing to others as they speed past confident as to their own journey and oblivious to the trauma of what has passed at these places before.

22 Pakenham Street, Fremantle


Model It: Modelmaking 101 — Sat 16 Mar, 10am

Jovin Lim, founder of Jovin Lim Modelmakers, will be hosting a class for anyone who is keen to learn the skill of modelmaking – architects, interior designers, landscapers. You will have a chance to build your own model from start to finish, and also to bring along your own projects to ask questions of Jim after the workshop.

Guerilla Establishment, 181 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

$15 for students, $25 general admission. Tickets here.


National happening… If you’re heading to Melbourne, Melbourne Design Week begins tomorrow (14th) until the 24th of March and there is an unbelievable amount of amazing things to connect with. Check out the program here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 4.56.47 PM.png

From the Assemble Papers ‘Backyard Bungalows’ series. This one belongs to Alex Kennedy


We’ll use this section to share some tidbits we’ve come across the last week from you, our tenants, and the www.

+ All this talk of tiny homes reminded me of a series I undertook while working at architectural mag, Assemble Papers, in 2014-2015. It was on Backyard Bungalows, beaut little spaces crafted for habitation in the garages, back blocks or gardens of homes around inner-city Melbourne. Here are three of my favourite. The first is owned by Alex Kennedy and was built in collaboration with Sarah Trotter of Hearth Studio, the second is by architect Murray Barker, the third is by Emilio Fuscaldo (of Nest Architects) and his wife, writer Anna Krien. Get inspired.

+ Entries for the 2019 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Awards are now open! First prize is $16,000…

+ Mathieu Tremblin no doubt infuriates the local graffiti community while translating tags into a more palatable format for the uninitiated.

+ If you’re looking for recipes for the seasonal change and love a flavour, check out the websites of two of our favourite Australian chefs. The first is Ella Mittas of Ela Melbourne, whose fresh Greek food is second-to-none, the other is Julia Ostro, who dishes up the most perfect pasta and Italian cakes.


Garage conversion inspo from Murray Barker. Taken from Assemble Papers ‘Backyard Bungalows’ series


Heathcote, Applecross
We have just one space left at Heathcote precinct. It’s a 60m2 space and perfect for a small-medium size creative business. Would suit a production company, architecture bizz, fashion studio etc.

MANY North Freo
We have a couple of spots (2 x 35m2) available in our MANY North Freo warehouse. Rent includes three-phase power, rubbish collection, and water, AND you get to work amongst a super bunch of other local makers. Other benefits include high ceilings, great access and, a short walk over Leighton footbridge; you’re at the beach!

Email for more info.

Head over to our website for more info at

We’d always love to hear from you about any and all of the interesting things you’ve got going on. Please send us an email at to let us know what’s up.