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These last days we’ve been at a conference hosted by City of Perth titled ‘Making Space for Culture’. We listened to, and were inspired by, a wonderful man doing some huge things in Toronto - Tim Jones - of Artscape, Canada. 

In 2006 Artscape coined the term ‘Creative Placemaking’ which seeks to leverage the power of Arts and Culture as a catalyst for cultural, community and urban development.

So far they’ve established 42 public venues (galleries, performances spaces etc.), have over 2,600 people working or living in Artscape properties, have hundreds of organisations housed in their buildings, and provide spaces for creatives, artists, and not-for-profit orgaganisations at a rental cost 56% lower than comparable commercial spaces. An absolute dream.

Artscape’s power lies in the fact they have worked relentlessly, intelligently and fearlessly to establish themselves as a much needed intermediary between creatives, community leaders, public policy advocates, governments, philanthropists and urban developers,"so that [their] work builds value for everybody.”

The big message was: ‘The Urban Affordability Crisis’ now poses the biggest threat to Arts and Culture in our cities AND governments can’t fix this alone, we need the right people working together on the right projects.

One Artscape project that really stuck with us was the incredible Distillery Historic District. Purchased almost 20 years ago, the plan was to restore the sprawling cluster of 47 derelict buildings and warehouses. The private buyer engaged Artscape, and within 18 months they had secured 63 tenants to launch what has now, 17 years on, transformed into the pride of the city; a bustling mini-city of theatres, markets, galleries, boutiques and restaurants, and is widely recognised as Canada’s premier arts, culture and entertainment destination. As a result, the surrounding district, formerly vacant space, has now attracted a multi-BILLION dollar residential market for the investors who took the initial risk.

What we need in Perth is a visionary project to reinvigorate some of our downturned urban spaces to act as a catalyst for broader change. Someone, or some people, to take a risk on a power station, a port, a vacant school - a place to create strong long-term arts and cultural partnerships and alliances, and then to realise its MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. Artscape showed us it’s possible for everyone to win in these projects, and that for us is so exciting…

Anyway, back to it! See you next week.

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Weekend crowds fill the lanes at the Historic Distillery District, Toronto


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Camelot Open Studio — Duncan Wright, Sun 30 Jun, 4-5pm

Come inside and get some sun on your face as Camelot’s current resident artist Duncan Wright chats about his recent photographic project on WA beach culture. They’ll also be drinks and snacks to enjoy.

Camelot Outdoor Cinema, 16 Lochee St, Mosman Park

The beautifully restored buildings of the Historic Distillery District, now home to over 60+ creative businesses, theatres, boutiques and restuarants


We’ll use this section to share some tidbits we’ve come across the last week from you, our tenants, and the www.

+ A reference from yesterday’s conference and worth exploring: The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value by Michael Porter via The Harvard Business Review

“The capitalist system is under siege. In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies are widely perceived to be prospering at the expense of the broader community.”

+ Urbanists could learn a lot from Anthony Bourdain via City Lab

“Bourdain used food as his lens to explore and unveil the intersection of human creativity, authenticity, and community. In his travels around the world and in the forgotten corners of his own country, he captured the creativity of real people in real communities.”

+ Become a benefactor of the Fremantle Biennale!

+ Dream Listing: 47 Easey Street, Collingwood. Sigh.

+ Tomorrow morning, there’s a talk on Australia's attitudes towards giving and volunteering at The Platform in Perth. Click through if it’s something you’d like to learn more about…

“The sector that most directly and deliberately improves and supports Australian communities is the not-for-profit sector. With a rapidly changing world, how do charities and not-for-profits stay in the know on the giving and volunteering behaviours of our community?”

+ How Apartheid killed Johannesburg’s cycling culture via The Guardian

“What happened to Johannesburg’s once vibrant commuter cycling culture? The dominance of the automobile marginalised the bicycle in many cities around the world through the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s but that process was accelerated in South Africa by apartheid.” (Also, were a big fan of Cityscape: the best of Guardian Cities — sign up to get it popped to you regularly here).

The former Gooderham & Warts whiskey distillery in Toronto was once the largest alcohol distillery in all of Canada. When the industry upgraded to new facilities however the site fell into complete disrepair, leaving this whole riverside precinct vacant for many years. Not unlike our power stations…


Heathcote, Applecross

We have one space currently available at Heathcote. A 20sqm private office in a heritage-listed building with all mod cons, stunning, riverside location, free parking-situated within the Heathcote Cultural Precinct and gallery site.

MANY North Freo
We have two spaces available in our MANY North Freo warehouse (one 55sqm & one 35sqm). Rent includes three-phase power, rubbish collection, and water, AND you get to work amongst a super bunch of other local makers. Other benefits include high ceilings, great access and, a short walk over Leighton footbridge; you’re at the beach!

Plus, we’ve also had someone get in touch about a stunning 400sqm heritage-listed building near Fremantle. Freshly painted, brilliant location, kitchenette, gorgeous natural light, public transport nearby. If you’re looking for something of this size or style let me know at

**DON’T FORGET — we still have some new Freo spaces coming up soon! Please register your interest so we can keep you in the loop.

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